Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Infinite Possibilities for Healing

Join us for a live viewing at our church
3401 Studebaker Rd. (at the corner of Wardlow)
Long Beach, CA 90808
or view from the comfort of your easy chair via this link

About our speaker:

“So, what is your heart beating for?” was a question I faced in my late twenties. I was a struggling filmmaker in Los Angeles, experiencing some problems with my heart after a failed marriage and an unsuccessful business venture. On my mental knees in prayer, I opened to a passage in Mary Baker Eddy’s writings that instantly got my attention: “The heart that beats mostly for self is seldom alight with love.” * I realized that the function of the heart is to beat for God; it’s a reflection of divine Love itself. This glimpse of the Christ—the pure love of God embracing humanity—transformed my life and my health. From that day to this, I’ve been doing everything I can to share the healing message of Christian Science with the world.

I moved to Boston in the 1990s, and since then I have produced numerous exhibits, films, and projects for The First Church of Christ, Scientist. I served as creative director for The Mary Baker Eddy Library from 2000 to 2003 and helped with the development of TMC Youth—The Mother Church's global youth initiative—after that. The healing practice of Christian Science is where my heart is today, along with my current focus as a Christian Science lecturer and teacher.

Below is a short video Chet did for TMC Youth, entitled There's More to You and Me